So Far

By Jim Sack

I have always enjoyed seeing what was over the next hill or around the corner excites me, still.  There is a mountain pass on Crete that suddenly opens to the Libyan Sea, and a cut gap in the ridgeline on I-75 in northern Kentucky that reveals the skyline of Cincinnati rising over the mighty Ohio.  So far, I have visited four continents, 43 countries and 42 states, some just passing through, while others like Germany and Romania, Uruguay and Crete feel more like second homes, while Poland and Argentina, Croatia and Bosnia feel like old friends.  I could happily live out my years in any of those countries.

In childhood parts of each summer meant long road trips from Fort Wayne on US 25 “down home” to Lily, Kentucky, in eastern Kentucky, from a predominantly German culture to a distinctive rural, English culture.  I’ve always enjoyed new cultures along with new sights.

Going to Kentucky, to the farm, to visit cousins and eat farm produce became a ritual, my next trip to another part of Kentucky, Fort Knox, changed the entire course of my life.  From there my tour in the Army meant a four-day drive with my wife and son to northern California for language school in Monterey; then a year later we drove to central Texas to Fort Hood for interrogation school, then on to Fort Jackson in South Carolina for a flight via Gander Newfoundland to Frankfurt, Germany then a long train ride on to Munich that would become my home for the coming 18-months.  From Munich we took every opportunity to travel by car all over Germany, to Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, Denmark and Switzerland.  I delayed my return home to travel in Belgium, France, England and Scotland.

In 1990, my son and I returned to Germany in May to see the crumbling wall and in December of that year I travelled in to old East Germany to begin talks with the mayor of Gera to form a sister city relationship with that city.  I went back to Europe every year at least once until 2018.  Along the way I managed to cross Argentina and Uruguay and visit different parts of Mexico.  

I learned a lot in the process about peoples, cultures and how most comfortably to travel.

I have stories to tell.