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Football is War, or Fun at the Beach
By Jim Sack

Football is War, or Fun at the Beach: I’ve seen football played in seven countries: Turkey, the US, Germany, Austria, Italy, Greece, and Romania. ...Read more

A Canary Between Two Cats
By Jim Sack

A Canary Between Two Cats: Rebuilt center of WarsawPoland in one of those countries that has come and gone and come again in history. Over the centuri...Read more

So Far
By Jim Sack

I have always enjoyed seeing what was over the next hill or around the corner excites me, still.  There is a mountain pass on Crete that suddenly...Read more

Shake Downs in East Europe
By Jim Sack

Shake Downs in East Europe: Romania, Moscow, St. PetersburgHe literally jumped to the verge of the Romania highway from a hiding place among tall, lea...Read more

Festung Breslau
By Jim Sack

My favorite town square in Europe is in Wroclaw, Poland.  A massive gothic Rathaus sits in the center of the square the size of two football fiel...Read more