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Garbage Truck Derby

By Jim Sack

Think of this in your nice, quiet neighborhood – every day four or five garbage trucks rumble past your house.

Envision your lovely neighborhood scented of roses and mock orange with five or six garbage bins sitting every day on your street.  

Then, the various trucks rumble by multiplying the putrid smell. Every day.

Think of this in your tidy, clean neighborhood – waste paper, used baby diapers, tin cans and last night’s leftovers spilled on the pavement.  

That is what Jason Arp and Paul Ensley see in your future.  

They want you as good, free Americans to have the option to select your own garbage collection company.  Jason would toss a pile of fancy brochures on your table and say, “you choose.”  You haave no staff to vet haulers, so you, of course, default to the least expensive hauler, just like the city did when their hired Red River with the full support of council’s nine reputedly wise elders.  

For Jason and Paul, call them the dogmatics, it is a fight between big government crushing your spirit by imposing a single, citywide trash hauler as opposed to your red-white-and-blue John Wayne, Marlboro Man-freedom to step into the marketplace and exercise your god-given right to choose your own special garbage collector, say the one with the prettiest truck.   Of course you can do better than city government!  Meanwhile, your neighbor and her neighbor and his neighbor are struggling with the same approach.  

Jason has offered the sort of simplistic idea that comes from a pair of drunks at a bar.  

And, Paul and Jason neglect to mention their formula will cost you more.  No bulk purchase discount for you.  

They forget to mention their plan would be more dangerous when you factor in five or six garbage trucks a day on your street mingling with your children, pets and parked cars.  And, think of the additional traffic congestion on your side streets and arterials.

And, whom would you call when those handi-wipes end up dangling from your lilac bush?  Each of the five or six haulers will each say it was the other guy.

This is just a dumb idea. 

After all, if you had a choice wouldn’t you prefer a quieter, cleaner, safer neighborhood where garbage magically and inexpensively disappears?  Isn’t that really the goal?  Jason and Paul offer just the opposite.

So why?  The answer, in a word(s) is Red River.  Pushing his one-size-fits-all ideology is Jason’s opportunistic reaction to the chronic problems caused by one trash hauler, not the system.  The system is okay, rather, the operator has been the problem…a hauler that Jason and Paul both voted for after performing their due diligence…of course.

Putting pressure on the hauler is the best method to improve the results.

Best for Jason and Paul to drop their lame idea, it would only make things worse. 

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